How to become a registered USSF Referee

USSF Certification for all USSF-Affiliated Youth and Amateur Games

All United States Soccer Federation (USSF) affiliates require that all referees be registered by the USSF. In order to register a referee must be qualified. Normally this means taking a USSF referee training course conducted by a qualified USSF Referee Instructor.While there is no minimum age to attend referee training, the test is written at the 7th grade reading level.Be aware that some leagues set their own minimum age for referees, primarily because of child labor laws which are enforced on a state by state basis.

The Missouri Referee Development Program (MRDP) offers both USSF Grade 8 Referee and Grade 9 Recreational Referee clinics through the four MRDP Districts, which mirror the Missouri Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) districts. Normally these scheduled entry level clinics are posted by district on the MRDP Sign up page at ( interested person may attend any posted clinic anywhere withinMissourito meet the requirement.After clinic completion, and in order to be assigned any youth games, a background check is also required.

USSF Grade 8 Referee -The USSF Grade 8 Referee may officiate games as a Referee or Assistant Referee in all youth games, as well Assistant Referee in higher comparable games. The Grade 8 clinic consists of a total of sixteen (16) hours of instruction. Upon successful completion of the course, that includes a passing 75%+ score on the written test after the course, candidates may register as Grade 8 Referees with the United States Soccer Federation for the current USSF Fee. Currently (2013) the Grade 8 registration fee is $40.00.The course cost is an additional $25.00.

USSF Grade 9 Recreational Referee -The USSF Grade 9 Recreational Referee may officiate games as a Referee on recreational youth games U-14 or younger and as an Assistant Referee on any game U-14 or younger. They may not officiate older youth games or adult matches. For the latter matches, you must be at least a Grade 8 Referee. The Grade 9 clinic consists of an eight-hour class. Upon successful completion of the course that includes a passing score on the written test, candidates may register as Grade 9 Recreational Referees with the United States Soccer Federation for a fee. Currently (2013) this Grade 9 registration fee is $40.00. The clinic cost is an additional $12.50.

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